Pop-up outdoor DIY Italian night
Delivery anywhere
(in the Helsinki area)
We can also host you
When you need it
Minimum 10 ppl

How does it work ?

How does travelling to Italy with your friends sound ? Even if it is just for today ? Unrealistic ? Well not really, we can bring Italy to you.

How, you ask ?
For the last month we have been working, testing and selling a new concept where you and your guests can create the pizzas of your dreams and discover your friends and colleagues tastes.

All that while listening to Italian music, playing bocce (or mölkky - after all Italians also fell in love with the Finnish traditional game) and enjoying traditional Italian delicacies.

You can either pick up all the equipments and preparation from our kitchen when it best suits you or get it delivered to your home.

What is included ?

The standard Krusti experience for Summer parties includes:

Pizzeria corner
- Pizza dough
- Selection of seasonal toppings
- Equipments to prepare and cook the pizzas
(Pizza topping station, foldable table, pizza peel and perforated pizza peel, pizza turning peel, pizza board and pizza cutter)
- Transportable Pizza ovens with gas burner regulator and gas bottle
- Instructions and information panels

Game arena
- Bocce balls sets
- Scoreboards with white chalkboard pen
- Italian music Spotify playlist

Optional sweet treats from our pastries and desserts section

you can also contact us by email at info@krusti.fi or by phone on +358 45 151 2324

They tested it for you

“What an amazing after work concept.

Cocktail, pizza, desserts and games to enjoy with the team ! We had a great time trying something new and exploring each others pizza tastes. We ended the night like in a bar around the cocktail station.

I loved the efforts put into the details such as music, decoration or scoreboards to create an outstanding experience.”

Fernando Leon
CEO, Kasvu Labs
Select number of guests

per person
* All KRUSTI experiences come with the appropriate rental equipment (check the list in the description)
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