Bond through food

Good food is the foundation of genuine happiness
In the office, at home,
on a terrace, in a park, anywhere...
(in the Helsinki area)
We deliver ready to eat lunch from Monday to Friday
Minimum 12 ppl

Food is the ingredient

that binds us together.

Since the dawn of humanity, eating food create a strong emotional bond between us. Just think about your most memorable meals – they no doubt involve as much laughter and conversation as they do good food.
Our main focus is to allow you to create meaningful food experiences without having to worry about anything but your guests.

We also aim to meet everyone dietary needs into one delicious lunch menu so everyone can feel included. We want you to be able to relax and enjoy your lunch like your guests (without having to save the vegan sandwich for the right person).

Based in Vallila, Helsinki we can reach any part of the city really quickly which allows us to deliver super fresh and warm food when you most need it.

All you need now is to tell us when, where and how many people and we will be there !

Feel free to reach out if you have special requests.

Our summer menus

All our menus are delivered ready to be served.

Mexican lunch

Onions and tomatoes salad (V)
Cucumber and green salad (V)
served with home made vinaigrette

Chili sin carne (V)
served with rice and herbs,
vegan yogourt, lime and bread

Lemon meringue tartlet (L)(G)

Norwegian lunch

Norwegian sea salmon
smoked outdoor by our partner Sture16
served with Teriyaki ginger black sesame dip sauce,  
potato salad, seasonal vegetables
and home-made bread

Fruits and berries platter

American lunch

Coleslaw salad (V)
served with vinaigrette

Make your own burger
playful and visually attractive,
choose the ingredients you want to mix and match on your burger from the bar
served with potatoes

American cookies

"Wonderful experience"

"Super customer service, amazing and fun concept - special thanks to the environmentally friendly packaging and decorations to make the eating experience even more wonderful! Highly recommend :)

Joanna Aarrelampi
Office Coordinator, Electronic Arts
From 20 € / person
min. 10 persons
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