Physical class in top environment tought by a true professional baker
Helsinki, Vallila
23.4 - 10.00-14.00
Max 10

What is included?

A master class on how to make croissants at home (ingredients, process, laminating, baking), how to utilize old croissants to make delicious mandel croissants

After the class a full French brunch (vegetarian or vegan) to be eaten at one of the top rooftop floor at Workery plus - included a glass of sparkling wine

Bring  the recipe book and 10 croissants to your home (we deep-freeze them so you can bake them whenever you feel to)

Description of the course

Our aim for this course is to teach you the art of laminated dough and croissant making, while spending a beautiful moment with like-minded people in a fantastic location on a roof-top floor surrounded by Vallila, Helsinki.

It takes patience and dedication to produce a version of croissant that blooms into a pastry you savored on your last trip to Champs-Elysée in Paris. But do not worry, we will reveal all of our secrets!

You will leave the course with a solid knowledge on croissant making, you will
have some life access to our tutorial videos as well as your 10 frozen croissants that you made during the course

A perfect rooftop location 
in the heart of Vallila

The place is located on the top floor of Workery plus in Vallila and is directly connected to a beautiful rooftop terrace. During the break you can even take a dip in our hot tub.

Your instructor: Lena

Lena is an experienced French baker with several years of experiences in pastry, cake design and chocolate. She worked as an artisan baker in different cities in France from chocolatiers, artisan bakeries to Michelin star restaurants. Lena's energy, creativity and positivity creates a circle of good vibrations around her. In Finland Lena is leading Krusti’s pastry & dessert department and is eager to share her passion for pastry to any one.

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What our customers say

“The instructor was great. Learned so much in a few hours”
Krista, Helsinki
“The brunch at the end of the class was delicious and the glass of sparkling on the rooftop terrace was the cherry on the cake”
Perttu, Turku
“I loved the atmosphere of the course as well as the location.”
Hanna, Helsinki
“Would be a perfect team building activity for me and my team at work.”
Eemil, Ekenås
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